Our communications and event management expertise is valuable not only in (1) the design, promotion and production of civic, corporate and sporting events, but also in (2) considering the merit or possibilities inherent in events and other properties.

We provide such analysis in order to allow our clients to make detailed, intelligent and fully-informed evaluations of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Opportunities and pitfalls involved in the bidding and/or hosting of high-impact events such as Olympic Games, Pan American Games, national or world single-sport championships or other events;
  • Opportunities for brand, marketing and sales impact through the use of special events and sponsorship;
  • Operations reviews, examining existing programs and evaluating opportunities which may be available either from a revised approach to operations, or aggressive new projects with significant potential;
  • Venue design reviews suggesting facilities or modifications that will make a site more amenable to special events in the future and provide potential additional sources of revenue, better accommodations for specific user groups, or both.

Examples of such management consulting efforts have included, but are not limited to:

≡ USA Volleyball Beach Division Review:

The national governing body for volleyball in the United States asked for a review of the organization’s Beach Volleyball department in 2014, looking particularly at the relationship between the participating athletes, coaches, administrators, development programming and promoters.

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A three-month, 35 1/2-hour interview program of the top influencers in the sport, including USAV officers, coaches and Olympic medal-winning players was undertaken to understand the interests and needs of each group. A 156-page report was filed within 90 days, including 31 recommendations for future actions.

In-person presentations concerning the report were made to the USA Volleyball Board of Directors and to a Town Hall meeting of concerned athletes and officials that was also streamed online. Many of the recommendations were adopted by the Board. Wrote one director: “Congratulations. We are on our way, thanks to you.”

≡ California Sesquicentennial Foundation:

In conjunction with a partner organization, we developed a multiple-tier program for local and statewide events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of gold discovery (1848-1998), the Gold Rush (1849-1999) and California Statehood (1850-2000).

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The planned program touched a broad audience, focusing on agriculture and food in “California’s Gold” for 1998, entertainment and new media in “California Dreamin” for 1999 and diversity as represented by a parade of tall ships from around the world in “California, Here I Come” in 2000.

This development process helped lead to significant corporate support for a Sesquicentennial program, capped by a tall-ship program in 2000.