We have dedicated ourselves to our client’s success through the delivery of dependable, detailed, high-energy communications and production programs with positive results at a responsible cost.

Among the projects from which we have derived the greatest satisfaction (and that of our clients) over four decades of service include, but are not limited to:

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≡ Communications Planning & Production:

Special Olympics World Games: Los Angeles 2015
Planned and produced the Media Operations program for the 6,163-athlete World Games, attracting a Games-record 1,728 credentialed news media from 79 countries. The media-support program provided services at all 25 venues, with a staff of more than 200.

“I am so impressed with the job you’ve done this week. Thank you for providing your talents and expertise to this transformative and historic event. [It is] impossible to quantify the number of lives that have been, and will be, changed as a result of this week’s media coverage.”

~ Patrick McClenahan, President and Chief Executive of the LA2015 Organizing Committee

“I’ve just returned to the U.K. after eight days covering the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles for ITV, network broadcasters in the U.K. I’d like to compliment and thank you for an incredibly well-run tournament and superb media communications.”

~ Ian Payne, Main Presenter, ITV News & Sport

World Baseball Classic I-II-III: 11 cities in 2006-2009-2013
Selected by Major League Baseball for media operations plan development, staff recruitment and training and operations oversight at all sites, in Canada, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Taiwan and the United States. Media operations program supported more than 5,000 news media (press, radio, television) in each edition.

“A formal thanks from me and the Associated Press for your help and consideration as we worked together this year at the [2006 World Baseball Classic]. I do appreciate the professionalism and clear press communications at the event. Thanks also for your work with the AP for pool and other limited shooting positions. Hopefully the images we sent to the world told the story well.”

~ Ted Warren, Associated Press Photos/Seattle

XIX Olympic Winter Games: Salt Lake City 2002
Selected to manage the Press Operations (concept, budgeting, planning and execution) department, servicing 2,661 media at 15 competition venue and support sites, with Games-period staff of 794 and budget of $9.6 million.

National Columbus Quincentennial Celebration: New York 1992
Recruited by City of New York to assist in the commemoration of Columbus’ first voyage to the New World; expanded the program with new events to promote inclusiveness, and created the press support program for 1,512 media attendees from 35 nations.

“I extend my deep appreciation to you for your tireless efforts and spirited cooperation in making the Columbus Quincentennial such a great success. … I am proud of our accomplishment and I am grateful to you for your commitment which made this spectacular and historic event a reality.”

~ David N. Dinkins, Mayor of the City of New York, on our role in the production of the National Columbus Quincentennial Celebration

Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad: Los Angeles 1984
Created new paradigms in the planning and provision of services for 8,700 news media (press, photographic, radio and television), at 36 sites. Recruited a full-time Press Operations staff of 25, oversaw 1,378 Games-period employees and controlled a budget of $9.4 million.

“A job well done on your part, so well that many of my counterparts in the sportswriting business have called it the ‘smoothest, easiest to cover Olympics ever.’”

~ Bill Dwyre, Sports Editor of the Los Angeles Times

“It was lucky for the Games and, for us, that you were the press chief. … I can state honestly that Peter (Ueberroth) and the LAOOC were lucky that you were the person who handled the press operations.”

~ Bob Miyakawa, Member of the International Olympic Committee’s Press Commission

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≡ Event Bids & Proposals:

Major-event bids and proposals: 1991-2016
Perelman, Pioneer has been engaged to create bid documents and productions for major-event bids including, but not limited to:

  • 2016 Olympic Games (U.S. designation)
  • 2016 United States Olympic Marathon Trials
  • 2012 Olympic Games (U.S. designation)
  • 2008 United States Olympic Track & Field Trials
  • 2006 IAAF World Cup
  • 2005 UCI World Cycling Championships
  • 2005 FINA World Aquatics Championships
  • 2004 Olympic Games (feasibility study)
  • 2001 IAAF World Track & Field Championships
  • 1999 FIG World Artistic Gymnastics Championships
  • 1995 IWF World Weightlifting Championships
  • 1994 Olympic Winter Games
  • 1992 Olympic Winter Games
  • 1991 United States Olympic Festival

Democratic National Convention 2000 Site Advisory Committee Inspection Visit: Los Angeles 1998
Recruited to provide the event scripting and presentation support for 19 events and group transfers over all three days of Los Angeles’s presentation to the site selection advisory committee evaluating sites for the 2000 Democratic National Convention. Los Angeles was ultimately selected.

“On behalf of the City of Los Angeles, we would like to thank you for your part in making the Democratic National Convention Site Advisory Committee’s visit to Los Angeles a resounding success. … Your professionalism and dedication truly added to the high caliber presentation of our city. We want you to know how much we appreciate your efforts, as well as the involvement of those who worked with you during this important process.”

~ Richard Riordan, Mayor, and John Ferraro, City Council President, of the City of Los Angeles

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≡ Event Management:

USA Track & Field National Outdoor Championships: Carson 2005
Contracted meet manager for the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) for the USAQ Track & Field national championships at The Home Depot Center in Carson, California. The meet was televised nationally by NBC, covered four days and 83 events for 1,472 athletes and had total attendance of 30,943.

“The results of the Championships establish it as one of our best ever. Please express my appreciation to Dan Perini, Rich Perelman and Bruce Tenen for their work on both the [adidas Track Classic] and the USA Outdoors. It made a true difference for our athletes and sport.”

~ Craig Masback, Chief Executive Officer of USA Track & Field

Reform Party National Convention: Long Beach 2000
The Reform Party wanted to raise the stature of its 2000 Presidential Nominating Convention beyond its prior events in cramped hotel ballrooms.

Our team created a full-scale Convention Hall at the Long Beach Convention Center, including development and coordination of the floor layouts, graphic design elements, lighting, sound, staging and TV support for all seven business sessions plus the Party’s offices and committee meeting rooms, on budget and on time (even with a one-day move-in period!). Included were full facilities for the 182 news organizations from nine nations in attendance.

“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent work at this past weekend’s Reform Party National Convention. You proved yourself and your team to be the utmost of professionals and a great (and fun) team to work with. … [Y]ou did a fantastic job in putting on a great Reform Party event.”

~ Mic Farris, Reform Party Nominations Committee chair

World University Games: Buffalo 1993
Assisting an organizing committee in considerable distress, we developed and managed 34 departments for this 11-day, 5,320-athlete, 117-nation, 12-sport event held for the first time in the United States. Our responsibilities included oversight of 34 full-time staff and a budget of $7.76 million.

“How can I ever thank you enough for all you did to make the World University Games ‘93 a success. We never would have made it without your expertise and plain hard work.

“A special thanks for agreeing to take on the venues. I know it was a huge and unexpected burden, but you did a masterful job of it. The training you provided the venue managers was crucial in our ability to pull off the Games. Of course, those venue budgets were masterpieces, even though I cut them. You should keep them as models. … And, of course, you get an A+ for the best weekly reports.”

~ Kathy Scanlan, Executive Director of the Greater Buffalo Athletic Corporation

Liberty Weekend: New York 1986
For the centennial celebration of the Statue of Liberty, we created the accreditation and access-control systems for 18,089 applicants, integrated the venue operations and risk management programs and produced the news media logistics for 590 news agencies and 5,116 accredited media at 11 sites over four days and 10 events in New Jersey and New York.

“I can’t compliment you enough on the great job that you did during Liberty Weekend. Everything went off like clockwork and I didn’t have a worry in my mind about your department.”

~ David Wolper, Executive Producer of Liberty Weekend

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≡ Consulting Support:

USA Volleyball Beach Division Review: 2014
Selected by USA Volleyball to conduct an intensive review of the organization’s beach programs. The result was a three-month, 35 1/2-hour interview program of the top influencers in the sport, including USAV officers, coaches and Olympic medal-winning players, leading to a 156-page report, filed within 90 days, including 31 recommendations for future actions.

“I think your presentation was a home run! . . . I think this report is a seminal moment in the life of [USA Volleyball] and especially for the ‘Beach Division.’ Great work.”

~ Bill Barnum, USA Volleyball Board of Directors

Houston International Sports Committee: 1996
At the request of a Houston City Council member, we surveyed the Houston area to determine the city’s prospects to attract major sporting events. They survey led to the publication of a bilingual guide to Houston’s sports facilities that helped lead to the city’s bids for the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, as well as single-sport world championships.

Comision Pro-Sede Olimpiadas 2004: Puerto Rico 1987
Perelman, Pioneer was asked to evaluate the possibilities for Puerto Rico to make a bid for a future Olympic Games. At the invitation of the Puerto Rican member of the International Olympic Committee, our team surveyed the entire island and produced a 196-page report which outlined the opportunities and pitfalls, including reports on 30 existing facilities. The report was the foundation of Puerto Rico’s eventual bid for the 2004 Games.

“We are definitely moving ahead towards the 2004 candidacy. … I read your report and found it very complete, truthful and revealing. … The report was made public on February 24, which was well received, and even though there will be a lot of ‘ifs,’ the possibility of staging the 2004 Olympiad is real.”

~ Emilio Casellas, Executive Director of the Comision Pro-Sede Olimpiadas 2004

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≡ Research, Publications & Statistics:

CigarCyclopedia.com: 2004-11
Created first website to offer daily coverage of niche premium cigar market: traffic averaged 1.3 million annual visits from 2006-10, with 135 million page views (18 1/2-minute per-visit average) in 2010, featuring news, video and slideshows. The site was sold in 2011.

The site was promoted by thrice-weekly HTML newsletters e-mailed to up to 86,000 subscribers, plus Twitter. A 4 1/2-star-rated mobile app (paid) was created for the Apple and Android markets. Cigar Cyclopedia.com was recognized with a WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Site Development, by the Web Marketing Association in 2005.

Universal Sports “Inside the Rings” columnist: 2008
Rich Perelman was recruited to write thrice-weekly “insiders” column on Olympic sports, focusing on the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing China; delivered 106 columns from May 1-December 31.

LATimes.com blog host for “What’s Bruin”: 2007-08
Rich Perelman was recruited by The Times sports editor to create the newspaper’s first college-sports blog; reported and wrote 938 posts, leading to 500,000+ page views over 227 calendar days of coverage.

“You’ve been great. … Thanks for everything, especially your professionalism. I, of course, expected no less.”

~ Randy Harvey, Sports Editor of the Los Angeles Times

TheSportsExaminer.com: 2006-08
Developed a sports news site to demo a new combination newsletter & audio show concept: we produced 369 PDF reports and 123 15-minute audio shows; peak monthly traffic reached 839,676 visits and 7.8 million page views: concept was sold in 2007, but the producer subsequently folded. The program was promoted by a pre-show HTML “Tip Sheet” e-mailed to media and subscribers (peak of 37,647), with post-show HTML “quotes” e-mailed to news media for follow-up column use.

Unforgettable: The 100 Greatest Moments in Los Angeles Sports History: 1995
The Los Angeles Sports Council, in cooperation with a private publisher, decided to produce a book which celebrated the history of sports in Los Angeles, but in a unique way. Perelman, Pioneer helped to develop the “greatest moments” concept and then created and executed an area-wide poll to determine which “moments” to include, leading to our writing and research effort which culminated in the publication of the 224-page finished work in 1995. Well received locally, the book became the basis for a televised gala during which the top-ten moments were revealed.

“Now that the book has been released, I can finally say congratulations and thank you for doing such an outstanding job on the project. This refers not only to the book itself, but also to the script for Sunday night’s program. You were the perfect person for both jobs from day one. Your suggestion of ‘The Greatest Moments’ concept is one that will not be forgotten.”

~ David Simon, President of the Los Angeles Sports Council

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